Chapter IV Part 1: What went wrong? Warriors defeat Cavs 124-114

Present day in an arena far away (Oracle, California), it is four quarters of civil war….kind of. The Golden Warriors, striking from the court have won their first battle against the Cavaliers. 

LeBron James scored 50 points in Oracle Arena Thursday night, but it was not enough as the Warriors defeated them in overtime 124-114. Kevin Durant scores 29 points, Steph Curry 26 and Klay Thompson 24, but they barely survived after putting up those numbers. Coming into the game, it was sure that because the Cavs were not the same team than in past years, the Warriors would have their way with them, but that was not the case. Still, they found a way to get the job done on their home court.

Lebron James had his head in the game, but some of his teammates did not. Nearing the end of regulation, George Hill missed a free throw and J.R Smith got the rebound. Instead of trying to shoot to win the game, he dribbles it out, running the clock down. The Cavaliers missed a golden opportunity to steal one in the Bay. In overtime, the Warriors ran away with the score and ultimately taking game 1 of the Finals. “Sometimes you need a little luck,” Green said. “You know, it’s good to be lucky sometimes. So I’ll take it.” 

The Warriors definitely are lucky, because to have a team that people have counted out since the regular season and to take the game into overtime, shows that the Warriors need to step up. As for the Cavaliers, it is unfortunate that LeBron has to put 50 big ones and still lose, but in the end, it’s a team effort and his team let him down. Now you’ll have to deal with your teammate being a meme until game 2. Life is not fair, and basketball is not fair. Game 2 resumes Sunday with tip off starting at 8 p.m. 

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