Jemele Hill should keep her job and everybody should deal with it

ESPN’s Jemele Hill made a series of tweets on Twitter Monday night about President Donald Trump. You can see the tweets below:

I see nothing wrong with what Hill said, particularly because what she said was true. Since Trump’s term has been in effect, there has been a plethora of incidents that reflect a representation of support for white supremacy. Incidents involving nooses, killings, and outpouring of support for the American and confederate flags are just a few that have happened this year and throughout time.

Regarding Hill, however, I find a few problems wrong with this entire situation:

The Sports Fans

Due to the success of Michael Smith and Jemele Hill on His and Hers, they moved to the  six o’clock spot on the channel’s flagship show SportsCenter. This sparked outrage, stating that their slot was “too black” for some sports fans’ comfort. So my question is, Why are you watching the show? Why does it bother you so much that the station sprinkled some melanin on the set? If it bothers you, don’t watch it. The fans constantly talk about the ratings of ESPN being low as a whole because of their show, but only talk about their segment. You give light and ratings to their show because of your disdain for it, fans. Congratulations, you played yourself. And also, where was the outrage with Britt McHenry? There is no outrage with Sage Steel and Will Cain and their views are definitely not on the liberal side. ESPN has been accused of being a liberal-biased network, but with the display that Steel and Cain have put on, it’s fair to say that ESPN is on neither side.


ESPN issued an apology Tuesday afternoon, stating that what Jemele Hill said does not reflect their views in any way. So, ESPN, what are your views?  How come when Britt McHenry made those disparaging comments towards the towing company there wasn’t an issue stated about her? I may be wrong, but I don’t remember an issue that long being tweeted by them. By ESPN tweeting that statement lets us know who they are and how they operate things.

In the end, Hill deserves to keep her job, because she did not say anything wrong. She spoke the truth and the ones who oppose her stance can’t take the heat she spewed. ESPN should stand their ground and not reprimand her any further than giving her a warning. They should not give into the backlash from the others who want to get rid of her. Besides, they gave Curt Schilling more than three chances to not repeat the same behavior, and fans are caping for him asking why they fired him. Remember that the next time. So fans, if you want to boycott ESPN, go ahead and do so. Just know, you’re doing your country a disservice by violating the “One Nation Under God” phrase in the Pledge of Allegiance.

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