Looking Up: The Mystics will be better than last year

A year ago, the Washington Mystics were a completely different team. Everyone barely knew each other, and it was uncertain how they would play when the season started. However, they finished fourth in the conference with a 18-16 record, but made it to the conference semifinals against the eventual champions in the Minnesota Lynx.

Finishing fourth after having game skids and making it to the conference semis was better than expected given the team that At the moment, the Mystics may have the hardest roster to whittle down to 12 players. The roster currently sits at 17, which creates a really good problem for the front office on who to release. The Mystics drafted Ariel Atkins as the seventh overall pick and Myisha Hines-Allen with the 19th overall pick.

When the season begins however, the biggest test that the Mystics will face is to play without their big Emma Meesseman. Meesseman will not play due to her taking time off after playing overseas. She averaged 14.1 PPG, and shot 48.2 percent from the floor. The Mystics will have Krystal Thomas, but they still do have a role to fill with Meesseman out of the lineup this season.

The difference between this upcoming season versus last season is chemistry. Because the team barely knew each other, it was hard to gauge each other’s strengths and weaknesses just in case someone had to step up. This year, the team has shown signs throughout the offseason that they have grown closer together and for any team, that is a great thing to have. The Lynx and Sparks do so well because the core groups of those two teams have known each other for an extended period of time. The Mystics have the chance to be up there with them.

The Mystics start their season with a preseason game against the Lynx, and then open against the Indiana Fever.

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