Time to bring out the brooms? Cavaliers and Celtics may say yes

Only one game is between the Cavaliers and Celtics advancing to the Eastern Conference finals. In what is a very weird playoffs so far, it was not expected that the Cavaliers and Celtics would be nearing a sweep against teams that have progressed over the season and could have possibly beat them.

The Celtics lost Gordon Hayward in the very beginning of the season and it seemed like it was a key piece gone from the team. They managed to go on a 16 game win streak before it being snapped by the Heat. The Celtics were in their fourth double-digit deficit game, but this time, they could not dig themselves out of it. They then lost Kyrie Irving towards the end of the season. Riddled by injuries, it was believed that they would be a first round bounce, and fans everywhere wanted their team to be the seventh seed. The seventh seed was certainly the most coveted seed and with great reason.

As the best team in the East this season, the Raptors were sure to have their year this year right? It won’t be their year once again if they don’t beat the Cavaliers tonight. Why does it seem like the Cavaliers have the Raptors’ number? The Raptors will have never beaten playoff Lebron if they don’t win tonight. Next year, should the Raptors make the playoffs, maybe they should be able to try and avoid Mr.James and company until the Eastern Conference Finals.

The most surprising team in the playoffs were the Philadelphia 76ers. The “Trust the Process” mantra 76ers center Joel Embiid preached since his drafting in 2014 had everyone waiting for it to come to fruition. It came, as Ben Simmons, Embiid, and rookie Markelle Fultz were all together mid-season and the process was finally trusted. Beating an injury-riddled Celtics team seemed easy, buy the Celtics have been in the playoffs before, so sorry 76ers, the Celtics have this one this time. I believe the process is still trusted. They still have time to come together and will ultimately lead to being a dangerous team in the long-run. For now, they need to focus on not getting swept.

The level of urgency is definitely high for the 76ers and Raptors, as they need to at least get one win and be labeled as being swept. Besides, how would it look to have Lebron James Jr. tell rapper Drake your season ends tonight and he be proven right?  You don’t want the Lebron James Jr. being proven right, now do you Raptors? If the Raptors and 76ers lose tonight they would have let rappers Drake and Meek Mill down as well. Nonetheless, be prepared for a bunch of jokes, memes, laughs, and the TNT crew getting the going fishing but ready.


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