Uconn is not getting weaker, women’s college basketball is getting stronger

Uconn has been the epitome of excellence for a very long time now, but for the past two years the finals will not include the women’s college basketball dynasty. Last year, Mississippi State’s Morgan William shot the game winning shot against the Huskies in overtime, ending their 111-game win streak.

This year, Notre Dame’s Arike Ogunbowale shot the game winning shot to end their 36-game winning streak in overtime. The same shot in overtime in the final four has killed Uconn for the past 2 years.


Because Uconn has been overwhelmingly successful, it came with the preconceived notion that they will win the championship or go there to play every year, but it has halted because of two very great teams who had a game plan to knock them out of the competition. Although it hurts for Uconn to lose the same way, it does give them a little dose of reality of how other teams have lost to them year after year. Media and fans may say that Uconn is “falling,” but really women’s college basketball is getting stronger and stronger.

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